There’s a Link Between Gum Disease and Heart Attacks

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You may think you can skate through life with lax oral hygiene habits for a while, but be careful. Your oral health is closely tied to your overall wellbeing — and letting the former slide can have a big impact on your cardiovascular health, especially. There is a growing mountain

Want to Prevent Gum Disease? Hit the Gym

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Preventing gum disease becomes more of a battle as you age, as does keeping off those few extra pounds around your waist. You know exercise will help with the latter, but what if it could improve your periodontal health as well? It can, according to a report published in the
Gum disease. Maybe you don’t think about it much, but this condition is all too common, with current estimates saying as many as half of adults over the age of 30 have it to some extent. Also known as periodontitis, gum disease can wreak havoc on an otherwise healthy mouth,
Every year, Boston Magazine puts together a list to recognize the Top Dentists working in the area. These are the professionals who offer true excellence, quality, and caring, patient-focused dentistry. This year, for the second year in a row since the award’s inception in 2017, Dr. Alexander Schrott has been
Gum disease is very common in older adults, and in its later stages (known as periodontitis) it can cause the loss of one or even all your teeth. After or alongside periodontal treatment, lost teeth need to be replaced and nothing does the job better than dental implants. Despite what