If you’re suffering from severe gum disease or teeth that are sensitive due to gum recession, it’s best to find a specialist that is more experienced than a general dentist in performing the procedures you’ll need to restore your overall health and save your smile. That means you’ll have to
You’ve probably heard plenty about dental implants in Belmont – the one form of tooth replacement that can make up for the roots that were lost along with your natural teeth. But not everything you hear is necessarily true, and it’s important to make sure you have all the facts
Patients who have lost multiple teeth or are on the brink of having some removed usually have one chief concern: how to get their complete smile back. Partnering with your dentist or periodontist will help to ensure you get the right treatment for your needs and preferences. However, it’s a
Periodontal disease, also known as periodontitis or simply gum disease, is a very common condition that primarily affects older adults. It is caused by infection and inflammation of the gum tissue and can lead to bone and tooth loss and also increase a person’s risk for a number of health
A periodontist is a specialist in the gums, which are the gateway to a healthy smile. Millions of Americans suffer from gum disease, an issue that can have serious long-term health effects — like missing teeth, heart problems, and more. Early intervention is the best way to prevent the serious